Bluestone Project Management Australia
In Association with Bluestone Construction Services offers its clients Assistance on all matters relating to;

  • mortgage services
  • home and land packages
  • property finance
  • house finance

Need to finance your project? We have a division in our company that can get you finance at a low rate, no repayments until your project is complete

Home and Land Packages
Bluestone Project Management offers home and land packages at an affordable price

Real Estate Sales & Leasing
Bluestone Project Management offers services in real estate both selling and leasing which is done in-house. Need to sell and build? Need somewhere to stay while your home is complete? We offer special rates to our customers

Real Estate Advisory Services
Bluestone Project Management can give land appraisals advice on development costing and resale

Joint ventures
Have land but can't build? Bluestone Project Management have been in many joint ventures which is profitable to both parties, we will look at any joint venture and make a visibility report based on market valuation and construction costing. We can help from design to council approval right through to selling and leasing