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  • house construction
  • new homes
  • house extensions
  • bluestone constructions

Bluestone is an energetic small to medium sized organization with a strong 'client focus'. Although its growth has increased rapidly in recent years, Bluestone still believes that maintaining a relatively small and specialized team is the key to a successful project. Bluestone stands by the philosophy that directors should focus on administering projects directly rather than utilizing a top-heavy business structure whereby 'managers' are managing 'managers'.

The benefits of such a structure are outlined in the fact that the directors can be on-site for the purpose of ensuring high quality control, expedient development and client feedback. Any important client questions can be therefore directed at upper management without a 'middle-man'.

Above all however, it is our dedication to each project which sets us apart from the rest. Bluestone will only develop 2-3 projects simultaneously. We have monitored our growth carefully to allow for more focus on quality control and customer service. Basically, each project will be run and managed on-site by the company directors, which also ensures that the client has direct access to top level management at all times

Why choose us

Our managers have extensive experience working with clients from all industries. Our managers also believe in a hands-on approach.        

Bluestone use only the highest grade quality materials and equipment. This ensures reduced maintenance costs        

Bluestone prides itself in its post-delivery service. We are there to answer all your questions